Yvonne Weng

Professional UX designer. Amateur comic artist.

4+ years experience in Web and UX Design

I'm a UX designer working at a digital agency called Barrel. I've worked on web apps, e-commerce, and content-heavy Wordpress sites — from an MVP product for a young startup to website redesigns of large institutions. My day-to-day skills and responsibilities include UX, product management, content strategy, and visual/interaction design.

Check out some of my UX writings from the Barrel blog:

Drawing comics on the side

Outside of work, I draw the autobiographical webcomic called Truestoryvonne (pronounced like you're saying "True story, von"). It's a silly slice-of-life comic about cats, life, work, and mostly cats, updated biweekly-ish.

About me

I am currently living and working in NYC. I grew up in the Houston area and studied Graphic Design and Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, driven by a passion for visual storytelling and great design experiences. I'm a DIY afficionado who enjoys knitting, sewing and learning new things. I dream of visiting the cat island and bunny island in Japan.